By Brian

Coffee with a Butt


Hey Everyone!  In case any of you have missed my #buttsonthings drawings I am posting every Friday on my Instagram account I have decided to turn one into a t-shirt design for the latest Threadless + Coffee design challenge!  If the design is selected to print I will stand to win $1,000 and it will be printed as a shirt!  Let’s add a few more butts to the world!


Teeny Press: Series 2 is here!


Great news!  I’ve been at it once again with my miniature printing press! I will be launching 3 new food pairs through this year!  The first 50 sets of “Rolls” and “Salty” are already printed and ready to order!  Remember that they are limited to only 200 hand-made prints by me and after that the plates will be destroyed and they will never be printed again!  If you can a set be sure to order yours NOW!

Order on Etsy!

If you want to check out process videos and read more about the project head over to

Here’s a little preview of the prints

Photo Feb 15, 2 06 00 PM


Photo Feb 15, 2 04 18 PM

Come see me! Holiday show time!

Hey everyone! As the holidays draw near I will be selling my art at a select few Portland events! Come by and say howdy! I will be fully stocked with Haunted Legs books, Teeny Press prints (FRAMED!), and lots of new signed prints for your walls! Hope to see some of you there!



The Making of Underwater Plunder!

Neptune_submission_finalI have a BRAND NEW t-shirt design up for voting on Threadless!  It is part of their “Nautical” competition.  My plan is for it to come in two color schemes – “Deep ocean” for guys and “Oceanside” for girls!  I could really use your help in voting for it in the competition!



the MAKING OF “Underwater Plunder”
Photo Aug 05, 6 08 14 PMStep 1: my rough sketch.

Photo Aug 06, 8 48 33 AMStep 2.  I scanned in my rough, enlarged it and then drew it in detail with blueline pencil.

Photo Aug 06, 4 42 34 PMStep 3: inking!  I used my trusty Pentel Pocketbrush and Faber Castell Artist Pitt Pens!

Photo Aug 06, 6 14 08 PM

Photo Aug 06, 9 00 10 PMStep 4: I used my lightbox to draw tattoos on a separate layer in ink.

Photo Aug 06, 9 24 04 PM

Photo Aug 07, 10 43 47 AMStep 5: next I scanned in the separate layers and arranged them in Photoshop.

Photo Aug 09, 2 39 04 PMStep 6: I had worked on what I thought were the best color schemes for a while – sometimes this is the toughest part – there’s SOOOOO many options!

Neptune_submission_finalStep 7:  TIME TO VOTE!!!